serigrafía art&iacutestica Alfonso Albacete obra gráfica original contempor&aacutenea obra gr&aacutefica original en serigrafía obra gr&aacutefica original en serigrafía
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Fine Art Prints - Original Graphic Art Editors

Since 1968 editing limited prints series in artistic serigraphy (silk screen), lithography and engraving, carefully edited by artist and a master in the technique –each print numbered and signed by the artist before leaving the Atellier-.

With Artencuentro, business and particulars can acquire Fine Art Prints from some of the best artists from Spain directly from the Atellier.

fine art print in silk screen from Willy Ramos 2015

Fine Art Prints from Alberto Corazón, Alfonso Albacete, Alicia Martín, Arty Grimm, A. Alcaraz, A.Ballester, Ángel Haro, Barbara Eichorn, A.M. Charris, Ceesepe, Cristina Iglesias, Emilio Pascual, Esteban Linares, Javier de Juan , Jorge Fin, Jordi Teixidor, José Lucas, Juana Jorquera, Juan Genovés, Juan Gomila, Luís Gordillo, María Lara, A. M. Mengual, Manolo Belzunce, Manuel Avellaneda, Manolo Valdés, Manuel Pérez, Manuel Sáez, Marina Núñez, Martín Chirino, Mercedes G. Alberdi, Mitsuo Miura, Molina Sánchez, Monike Ruhle, Párraga, Pedro Cano, Rafael Canogar, Tomy Ceballos, Gonzalo Sicre, Wentzel Zierch, Willy Ramos, J. M. Yturralde and m any other contemporary artists.

silk screen print from Alfonso Albacete 2016

Fine Art Prints for Galleries
Editting limited series of serigraphs from renowned contemporary artists from Spain with international background. Small series with up to 40 of colours,-hand made by a master in serigraphy with over forty years experience and the artist -. Galleries can order exclusive series.

Art for business and Institutions
Art for interior design and decoration purposes in Institutions, and exclusive gifts for customers and employees in Business.

Fine Art Prints for Collectors
Carefully and 'hand crafted' printed limited series, edited by a master in silk screen with 40 years experience and some of the most renowned artists from Spain (with International background and artworks in some of the main institurions worldwide). A small number of an Fine Art Prints with a unique artistic value.



Sale to individuals and business –Art Galleries, Institutions, Interior Decorators, Hotels, Restaurants, etc.

  • Atellier in Spain
  • Editions directed by an experience Master
  • Artisan work, directly developed by artist
  • State-of-the-art equipment for XXL sizes
  • International sale and delivery
  • Discounts for business related with volume
  • Possibility to order exclusive series
  • Interior Design Services specialized in walls
  • Made to measure services, looking for the Art pieces the customer needs -we find them and ensure the right arrival and placement


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